Programs offered in Chesterfield county include:

The Chesterfield County Office of Virginia Cooperative Extension is proud to serve our residents with numerous lawn and garden programs and services.  

  • Not sure when to fertilize your lawn? Grass Roots will help you learn how to address soil deficiencies and other problems so you can have a lush green, environmentally-sound lawn
  • Want to learn more about your landscape? The Learn Your Landscape program can help.  A Master Gardener volunteer will visit your yard to evaluate your growing conditions, plant placement and more.  
  • Want to take a class?  We offer many lawn and landscape seminars throughout the year - from herb gardens to rain barrels - they're all here!
  • Want to grow vegetables and don't know where to start?  We can help!The Master Gardener Help Desk is manned most weekdays March through October.  Master Gardener volunteers are here to answer any lawn, landscape or garden questions you may have.
  • Have a sick plant?  An insect you can't identify?  You can submit a sample to our office for diagnosis.
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Agricultural opportunities abound in Chesterfield County for consumers and growers alike.

  • Pick-Your-Own Farms for berries and pumpkins
  • Vendors of Virginia Grown Christmas trees and more
  • Farmers Markets
  • And much more!

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Grass Roots (Lawn Site Visit) - $25 (Fee covers materials and is subject to change)

  • Helping homeowners learn and implement best management practices for their lawns. Program includes site visit by Master Gardener volunteer to evaluate present lawn conditions, soil test, and a personalized report and detailed instructions.

Learn Your Landscape (Site Visit) - $30 (Fee covers materials and is subject to change)

  • Residents can learn how to maintain and enhance their landscape with the help of trained Master Gardener volunteer. Includes home visit & personalized suggestions.

Identification Services - Free

  • Have a sick plant? An insect you can’t identify? Submit a sample to us and we'll identify the problem and provide control recommendations.
  • Want to grow vegetables and don't know where to start?  We can help! The Master Gardener Help Desk is manned most weekdays March through October.  Master Gardener volunteers are here to answer any lawn, landscape or garden questions you may have

Gardening Seminars – Free (RSVP required)

  • Want to take a class? We offer many lawn and landscape seminars throughout the year – from pruning, befriending bees, lawn care and more!

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The FCS Program in Chesterfield County serves as a resource to improve the health of its citizens through access to adequate, safe, and nutritious foods, to develop and deliver educational programs that increase understanding and development of social, cognitive, and physical capacities and to increase economic stablility that will help to decrease reliance on public services by improving youth and family literacy and security. The FCS Program provides programming in the following areas. 

Family Financial Education

Programs that teach youth, individuals and families life-long management skills to help them manage money wisely and to be able to make better consumer decisions. 

Food Preservation, Safety, Nutrition and Health

Programs to help youth, individuals and families prepare food safely, make wise nutritional decisions, revent chronic diseases as well as making necessary lifestyle changes for optimum wellness. 

Family and Human Development

Programs that offer publications on Developmental Stages of Parenting & Family Life, Parenting Education and Family Support.

Linda Jackson Cole, FCS Extension Agent, provides research-based educational opportunities through workshops, classes, collaborative projects, printed materials and other appropriate venues. All programs are driven by the needs of the community: identified by county residents and our local Extension Leadership Council. We work with other state and local agencies for many of our programs and with these partnerships maximize the impact and quality of our resources. We have trained FCS Education volunteers and Master Food volunteers that help us build and strengthen these collaborations and extend our resources to more Virginians.

For more information, please contact Linda Jackson Cole, Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent at 804-751-4401 or by email at:

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4-H is the youth development education program of Virginia Cooperative Extension. 4-H is rich with learning experiences where young people partner with caring adults and volunteers in a fellowship unlike any other program available to youth today.  Through 4-H, young people are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities that emphasize 4-H's "learning by doing" philosophy of youth development.

Developing Confident Leaders

Standing for head, heart, hands, and health, 4-H uses more than a century of experience in youth development programming to build strong, confident leaders.

Young people in the 4-H community learn leadership, citizenship, and a vast array of life skills that benefit them for the rest of their lives. Through school-based, after-school, and community clubs as well as camp settings, 4-H members pledge to build a better community, country, and world.

Ready for the Future

4-H participants are youth, ages 5 to 19, taking part in programs provided as the result of actions planned and initiated by Extension personnel in cooperation with volunteers. With a direct connection to research at Virginia's land-grant universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, 4-H is the first experience many young people have with higher education. 4-H is characterized as being community-centered, volunteer-led, Extension-staff supervised, research-based, home- and family-oriented, publicly and privately funded, and responsive to change.

Additional Information

Engaging with Communities

Virginia Cooperative Extension specialists in community viability work with Extension agents, campus-based faculty, organizational partners, communities, and individuals to further opportunity and build capacity in five program areas:   

Examples of our work include training county elected officials, educating entrepreneurs, facilitating collaborative projects, supporting the growth of community food systems and local economies, enhancing agent skills and community capacity in facilitation and leadership, conducting problem-driven research, and creating publications and tools that address critical community needs.

Do you have a question about Community Viability?

Perhaps one of the Community Viability specialists below can help you. Contact a Community Viability specialist or direct a question to them using our Ask an Expertsystem. 

Community Viability Specialists